Palomar Mountain, California



HIREGS II down, Cape Chocolate, Antarctica, after 17 day circumpolar flight.  The HIgh REsolution Gamma-ray Spectrometer is an autonomous x-ray/gamma-ray telescope recording emissions from solar flares.


Meer Instruments has been involved with the development and manufacture of solar power systems for NASA Long Duration Balloon Flights (LDBF - circumpolar) since 1987.  Flights are typically launched from McMurdo Station, Antarctica, and, Alice Springs,  Australia.  Experiments, developed by a variety of institutions in the United States, typically observe and measure astrophysical phenomena in the cosmos.  Experiments 'float' on the surface of the atmosphere (~120K-130K feet) beneath large volume balloons (thin film, helium filled, >129 million cubic feet (~150meters diameter @ float)), augmenting signal strength.  Power systems (see Projects) range from 300-1.5K watts, and include all elements: arrays (in collaboration w/SunCat Solar), attachment hardware, charge controller, telemetry outputs, batteries, and harnesses.

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